History Of Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham

Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham is a lovely family run Italian restaurant on The Downs in Altrincham. Serving a wide range of classic Italian dishes, all are homemade with plenty of gluten free choice! Whether you are out for your rare date night, a meal with the children or just fancy a nice pizza and peroni, call in Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham where they will certainly look after you. Salihi the owner of Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham was born in Sciottos in Sicily. In a small village called San Pier Niceto, 13 miles from Messina he worked hard to help his family run the family farm from herding cattle and helping harvest the crops of wheat and corn to labouring to help the family with the maintenance of the farmstead.

Money was always tight growing up on the farm which is how Salihi learnt the importance of getting as much as possible for your money. With his mother and father and 3 brothers and his grandparents he lived a happy childhood. His mother and his father passed down their love for travel, passion for cooking and organic sustainable food to him. He believes with all his heart in the value of home cooking as an instrument of culture, knowledge and education. Traditionally, Sicilian food preserves the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients — the key to almost any delicious Sicilian dish is simplicity. Simplicity, today more than ever, is the true luxury, especially in cuisine. Simplicity means unrefined ingredients, so genuine and tasty that they preserve the flavour of the land where they were grown. He grew up on a farm where cooking was a big part of his life and where his love for cooking homemade Italian food was formed. His mother and father were well known for their homemade organic fresh food. They also taught him how to cook all the dishes that he now serves in his own Italian Restaurant from fresh Lobster Ravioli made with homemade fresh pasta to vitello saltimbocca made with all fresh ingredients. Most of Salihi`s recipes are his great grandmothers that have been past down in generations he uses all of these in his restaurant in Altrincham Salihi moved to England in 2010 with a dream to open up his own authentic Italian restaurant. Where he cooks homemade fresh food that his mother, father and grandparents taught him to cook when he was a teenager. He worked his way up in the industry working in different restaurants. In 2016 his dream became a reality when he opened a completely authentic Italian restaurant in Altrincham. And his dream has grew since then he is highly experienced and has a talented team who have a demonstrable track record of excellence in serving the finest Italian food.

He is located on The Downs in the heart of revamped Altrincham. Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham has brought the homemade Italian food which he grew up with in Sicily in to the heart of Altrincham. The cooking may be simple to Salihi but it is authentic, rustic Italian cooking that left him with an incredibly full sense of pride yet still eager to devour more, especially now he has added the dessert menu which is also authentic Italian desserts which range from Triasimu to Crema Catalana again all made with that same simplistic trait that makes Masso Italian Restaurant Altrincham one of the finest places to enjoy simplistic authentic Italian cuisine. Salihi welcomes all new and repeat customers a warm welcome to his Italian Restaurant in Altrincham and will provide all his customers with a dining experience that will leave them wanting more.